Description: Myth Busting Science 25-3 (LDC2403) encourages students to explore the nature of science through practical inquiry and problem-solving. Students examine the history of science as a methodology that challenges cultural and contemporary myths. Myths, defined as traditional views, fables, legends or stories, help people make sense of the world. This explanatory function accounts for their development, spread and persistence. Myths can, however, be pernicious when fact and fiction blur, serving to feed misconceptions and even block full understanding.

This course begins with an introduction to the nature of both mythological and scientific thinking by taking a critical look at thought-provoking research. Other topics of discussion include ethical (versus unethical!) research methods, and how the media influences public perceptions of science. Students will also be supported in designing and implementing their own research project. Student access to electronic, digital and/or print resources is necessary for the delivery of this course, and research project development.

Prerequisites: Science 10 or Science 14 (Reminder: LDC Prerequisites cannot be waived)

Credits: 3-Credits

*Course created and shared by Elk Island Public Schools*